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Philipp Gesang

Basic Data

Hi, I’m Philipp, on my day job I work as a programmer. We may have met. If you want to get in touch, contact me at phg<at>phi-gamma<dot>net (encrypted mail preferred). Outside of work I travel the world on my bike, study languages, or generally just build stuff.

If you came here looking for code, you might be interested in my public repositories on Gitlab. I also maintain (or used to anyways) a profile at stackexchange. Occasionally I publish articles on my blog.

Short profile

Primary locationGermany → Bavaria → Munich
OccupationSoftware development
ScopeLinux; Rust, C++, C, Bash, Lua, Python
EducationM.A. with distinction: History of Eastern Europe, Philosophy, Latin Philology; University of Heidelberg
InterestsReading, cycling, cooking, typesetting and typography, history
LanguagesGerman (native), Latin, Ancient Greek, Czech, French, Polish, English